A FAMOUS graffiti artist for more than 30 years, Aladdin is a legend and pioneer of the graffiti movement in California. He has been featured in countless magazines, books, music videos, film documentaries, and his work has appeared on two NBA posters. He has shown his work in various galleries around the world, including the San Jose Museum of Art, and he has been an additional artist in the Burning Desire exhibit, which originally featured Los Angeles graffiti artists such as Hex, Slick and others. He is also a featured artist in various books on street art, including Painting the Towns—Murals of California by James Prigoff and The History of American Graffiti by Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon. Says Aladdin: “My artworks to date veer away from the stereotypical imagery that shines the spotlight on negativity and the madness that surrounds us. … I really want to promote happiness, laughter and positivity. All of my pieces incorporate colorful and vibrant light.”

Aladdin, who paints murals globally, currently creates from his new studio located in the  new Magic City Garage Venue  in Miami. See his most recent work on Instagram @aladdin_the_artist.