WHEN DEBORAH AND JOHN CORVEY first purchased a billiard hall in Boynton Beach in 1991, they planned to run the space just as it was: a poolroom complete with seven pool tables and bar space. Seeing the need to set themselves apart from their competition, however, they took a shot and expanded into the space next door, holding the first APA Nationals Qualifier. It was a defining move, one that put them at the top of the game. It also inspired an unexpected detour into becoming not simply a pool hall filled with pool tables and games, but an actual company selling pool tables and games.

Since establishing Boynton Billiards as a business centered around offering luxury pieces that appeal to those with the most discriminating taste, the company has seen a great deal of success. And with good reason, as theirs are not the pool tables, game sets and bars whose bulk and inexpensive quality relegate them to basements and seedy establishments. Rather, these are pieces anyone would proudly display in their home. Designed with beautiful woods and premium-quality felts, they can be customized to meet whatever need the client might have.

“I knew within a few months of opening our business that we needed to sell pool tables,” says Deborah Corvey, who, having lost her husband, John, in 2006, now runs the company alongside her son, Larry Wood Jr. “In doing so, our vision was to offer designer, furniture-quality pool tables. As a woman, I knew how important that was, because Florida has no basements, which means that the pool tables are in the middle of our homes. If I don’t like the way they look and wouldn’t put them in my own home, we don’t buy them.”

It’s that discerning taste and attention to detail that has made Boynton Billiards the go-to source for so many interior designers and builders, whether they have a need for tables or game sets for commercial or residential projects. In offering billiard tables from brands such as Olhausen Billiards, AE Schmidt Billiards Co., Fusion by Aramith, Canada Billiard and All Weather Billiards and Games, Boynton Billiards raises the bar and speaks to the refined sophistication of clients whose spaces require that nothing detracts from a designer look. Truly, these are pieces that could be featured in the editorial pages of any interior design magazine—their sleek lines, solid construction and use of materials clearly place them at the top of the game in the gaming equipment industry.

Clients have the option to customize their table—the species of wood, the color of the stain and the color of the felt. Having such freedom of selection ensures that every table is the perfect piece for a space, no matter the style of the room. It’s the money shot, a strategy for play that has made Boynton Billiards successful enough to go through several expansions over the years and open an additional location.

Such a high level of success might not be possible, however, without the company’s other products. Keeping in line with its dedication to luxury lifestyle, Boynton Billiards’ offerings also include poker tables, Ping-Pong tables, dart boards, Foosball tables, shuffleboard, bars and barstools. Like its pool tables, these are all pieces of the highest quality and design.

Boynton Billiards might be said to be in the business of selling style, but its focus remains on one very important element: fun. Nearly 30 years after starting the company, Corvey still sees the value in that, and it’s something that keeps her passionate about her work. “People buy our products because they provide a great source of fun and entertainment that’s engaging and highly social right in their home,” she says.

Unfortunately, “fun” and “sophisticated” are often mutually exclusive, but Boynton Billiards has achieved a successful balance of the two. The company has also managed to keep its eye on the ball, even in these days of so much online play. However, there’s something to be said for the ability of a good old-fashioned game of pool to make even the most tech-addicted individuals take their eyes off the screen and cue up.


Liesel Schmidt lives in Navarre, Florida, and works as a freelance writer for local and regional magazines. She is also a web content writer and book editor. Follow her on Twitter at @laswrites or download her novels, Coming Home to You, The Secret of Us and Life Without You, at and