MASTERS Fine Art is a publishing and distribution company that represents artists from around the world. One of the more than 20 artists the gallery currently represents is Yuval Wolfson. Wolfson’s masterful artwork draws the curious in and invites them to bring their own interpretations to his evocative and unique compositions.

Born near Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1966, Wolfson got his start as an artist while working as a screen printer. He eventually befriended the legendary Israeli artist Itzchak Tarkay, who helped mentor Wolfson as he developed his own artistic style.

Wolfson has several recurring subjects—landscapes, automobiles and animals (peacocks, in particular)—but what’s consistent across all of his artwork is his uncanny ability to capture the passage of light and time. That quality was on full display in Wolfson’s acclaimed first solo exhibition, Monet’s Garden, where he created 24 variations of the same image, each one showing how color and shadow gradually altered throughout a 24-hour day.

Wolfson is an expert on how our perspective can evolve. While he is aware that his paintings will display differently depending on the time of day, he’s also aware that they will display differently based on whatever is going on in the personal lives of his viewers.