SINCE 1985, Kevin McPherrin has brought the original work of the world’s hottest emerging artists to the design community. Originally representing his own work and that of Balinese artist Nyoman Sudarsa, the gallery now represents the work of 20 artists from nine countries, each of whom brings a unique vision to the gallery’s ever-evolving collection. Twelve artists are exclusive to the gallery. Some offer edgy looks with elements of street art, others explore fashion and haute couture, and some go for exuberance and fun.

Clients delight in both the vast inventory (more than 600 paintings) and the gallery’s commitment to authenticity and exclusivity. Every single piece is a hand-painted original. This unique quality offers, in the words of McPherrin himself, “that particular feeling when you can see a brushstroke or a drip of paint, and you know that actually happened in the artist’s studio. There is not another painting exactly like this one.”

Designers looking to fill new contemporary spaces can appreciate the gallery’s large stock of big, bold, color-filled statement pieces. McPherrin says: “If we don’t have the perfect piece, there’s nothing we cannot create. Our lead time for custom pieces is just six to eight weeks. We will go to any lengths to turn a client’s dream into reality.” The gallery is strictly to the trade and by appointment.