For Carlos Falkenhagen and his wife, both of whom have backgrounds in architecture and environmental sciences, this was a no-brainer when launching the family business. Originally from Venezuela, the two architects have done projects across that country as well as in Barcelona and in Miami, where they frequently visited on holiday. In 2014, when the political situation started to worsen in Venezuela, they decided to stay in Miami until “things cooled down,” always with the idea of launching a design-driven project in the city, particularly in Wynwood. What originally started as a passion project, the home design retailer Cable Urban Modern evolved far beyond their dreams.

Today, they’ve partnered with RANIVILU, an art gallery with a strong focus on geometric abstraction and kinetic art. “We always wanted to open something in Wynwood, and given that art and design go hand in hand, it only made sense to partner with an art gallery to expand the business. Our client base is ultimately looking for the same thing, and our services complement each other perfectly,” says Carlos Falkenhagen. RANIVILU art gallery features the work of masters such as Julio Le Parc, Mateo Manaure, Luis Guevara Moreno, as well as that of established artists Ines Silva, Dario Perez Flores, Alberto Jose Sanchez and Zerep.

Cable Design aims to create experiences by exalting the senses through its urban, modern lifestyle while still encapsulating a sustainable approach by using honest, natural materials and processes. All in-store products are carefully sourced from around the world and include handpicked furniture, home accessories and lighting. But Cable is far more than a home design store. With a team of bilingual experts, ranging from art directors to interior designers, Cable Design offers a unique consultancy across a broad range of spaces, including commercial offices, hospitality, educational, retail and, of course, residential.

The beauty of Cable Design is that the company collaborates with existing architects, designers, interior specialists, developers and property agents for its clientele. Whether it is product design, branding or interior design, the company is a one-stop shop for design needs. The company also provides architectonic design and innovative materials for clients’ projects. “We started as a lifestyle retailer and slowly but surely it evolved into a consultancy,” says Falkenhagen. “Our clients were adamant about us being involved every step of the way. Today, we are a vital liaison for the designers and architects. From sourcing unique furniture pieces to custom covers to the handpicked art and accessories, we manage it all.”

The studio in and of itself exudes inspiration. From the second you enter, you are surrounded by genuine, outstanding products and pieces from around the world. The space feels less like an office and more like a curated, Zen area to relax and gain inspiration. The art from RANIVILU gives pops of color and is, naturally, for sale to clients as well.

The company mantra and goal is to establish a connection between the clients and their environments through design. “We believe that design must closely consider the symbiosis between an object and its user. We understand the importance of the relationships that an object has with its habitat, needs and functions, and surrounding resources. We seek to optimize each relationship through the Cable Urban Modern lifestyle,” Falkenhagen concludes.

Carolina Ramirez Herrera is an artand design-obsessed travel and lifestyle writer, who often contributes to blogs, city guides and lifestyle publications, sharing a page from her little Black Book of personal travels. Based in Miami but usually on a plane, follow her on @Lacarolinda.