Among the many things America’s Amish communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana are known for is a rich heritage of exceptional handcrafted furniture with unmatched quality. Reflecting centuries-old traditions, craftsmen from these Amish societies fashion unique, custom-built designs out of natural wood for long-lasting function and form.

There are no mass-produced, plastic or composite pieces in an Amish collection. No particle board, faux wood or wood veneers. Just timeless, regal, master-crafted items that have remained popular across continents and epochs.

When you walk into the Abbot Hill Cabinetry showroom in Naples, this is the timeless craftsmanship you see. In the age of assembly lines, the company’s authentic Amish cabinetry is handmade using traditional construction methods, including mortise and tenon joinery and dovetailing, on solid woods, like oak, cherry, maple, walnut and hickory, with the client’s desired finish.

Every cabinet is built to order, so clients not only get exactly what they want, but are assured no one has the same cabinetry. Made by Swiss Amish craftsmen in southwestern Indiana, the cabinetry is more than cupboards. It is stately kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Positioned as a one-stop-shop for remodeling, Abbot Hill offers custom cabinetry for the office, kitchen, closet and bath, as well as entertainment centers, outdoor furniture and full-service remodeling and design services. With attention to detail high on the list, the company personalizes furniture to fit the home. The staff collaborates with clients to produce the desired look and feel, and they don’t stop designing until they’ve reached perfection in the client’s eyes. “We want to make sure our customers are happy. We are returning the quality of yesterday and leaving smiles on their faces for years to come,” says owner Peter Sacacian.

Abbot Hill recognizes that any project, be it purchasing cabinetry or embarking on a complete remodel, can overwhelm even the most prepared client. To help guide clients through the process and ease the stress that comes with remodeling, the company follows a proven step-by-step process that includes design consultation and sampling.

Part of the process is assessing the space and providing ideas on how to design a functional and attractive interior. The team measures the space down to the millimeter and designs cabinets precisely for it. The cabinets come as one finished piece, so installation seems effortless.

No job is too daunting. For example, the team was tasked with providing cabinets for a kitchen with tall windows in unexpected places. Abbot Hill created backless cabinets with glass doors that fit right over the windows, allowing light to flow in. “That unique element we created made it look built-in,” says Veronika Bustamante, store manager and lead kitchen designer.

For all the individual attention and excellence that Abbot Hill delivers to its customers, it’s products and services are remarkably cost-effective. Although high-quality kitchen remodels are never inexpensive, Abbot Hill cuts out the middle man, purchasing beautiful and timeless cabinets directly from the Amish manufacturers with whom it works. Prices are so affordable that custom builders can buy from the company and still make a profit when selling to homeowners. But those who work directly with Abbot Hill enjoy the cost benefit of the company’s favored position with the manufacturers.

Walk into homes in South Florida that have received the Abbot Hill treatment and you will eventually discover the most popular design element—a floor-length kitchen cabinet that hides the mundane pantry. “People would never know it’s the entrance to a room,” says Sacacian. “They love that.”

Barry Waldman is principal of Big Fly Communications, a Dallas-based PR/ marketing firm for nonprofits and small businesses.